When the universe smiles

My wonderful monkey puzzle

How to express what you want to hear

Do you have a chance, why every chance is a possibility 

Why do you want it

Those eyes are their own mystery

It shows on the edges of your mouth, on your cheeks

There is no hiding there, not from these eyes

In a harbor you would dwell

What sacrifices would you make

For your boat to anchor here

You want to grow together

But one shadow is longer than the other

Can you come to that with your intimacy

Giving your heart and mind over 

To receive this love

It is boundless

Will you be able to hold it

Safely within you

And still be you

In your youth and perception

Is this where you wish to sail

Into these open arms

That have no other intent

But what is given free

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Poem written March 2021 for Cui Yue, photos provided by Yue. Music - Spellbound by Ghostly Kisses, Flying Tricycle by Yuki Murata

Copyright 2016 John Williams