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The place of returns

The sound of shadows comes creeping into my head

Like the thumping of fists in the dust of whys

An uncertainty is it sure to be true

Make this course a labyrinth,  another stone in the well

And to hang on not drown,  if memory goes backwards then I’m dictating to death how to be alive

For memory is but a resolution in the passing of time

Now this to and fro a morsel thrown to bewitch and beguile

Like a dampened switch tempting to electrify

Or send back again for some other return

Where is this end

Can it scream the pain out

Leave the door open to bring only a smile

There is this dance

Oh yes

In her eyes

Poem written 1 December 2016. The words came after reading "Reputations" by Juan Gabriel Vasquez in which the author uses the line in Lewis Carroll's 'Alice In Wonderland' spoken by the White Queen "Its a poor sort of memory that only works backwards" and considered in conjunction with a prophecy of someone from the past returning in the future. The book has a number of themes but basically is about if what you remembered, that was supported by others, actually wasn't true but had had serious consequences, and might moreso if found to be false. After writing I came across "The Science of Mental Time Travel and Why Our Ability to Imagine the Future is Essential to Our Humanity" - Brain Pickings https//


Photo of the Knights Templar Castle of Almourol in Portugal, taken 2015. Roman artefacts have been discovered on the site though the exact date of the Castle is unknown but possibly built on foundations from 1st century B.C.E.

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