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An observation on love

Preparing for the closing of the day

The cooler air penetrates

Brings a chill into which her warm smile arrives

Inviting eyes to rise from their possession 

Make an obsession of her appearance

As if magic were performed

Without any fanfare or introduction

Into this setting her charm deposits

A radiance of beauty alight with hope

For a future that only dreams have known

Careful each step to take or careless forfeits

Her hands he takes with a maturity she seeks

Her youth a blessing to uncomplicate what the years have made complicated

Warmer now their closeness reverberates

Feelings become owned and let free reign

Such is it when love comes to the heart

Poem written April 2021 inspired by Penelope Fitzgerald's book "Innocence". Music, Tanerelle Stephens "Nothing without you"; Yuki Murata "Ice flower". 

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