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The day begins (sometime before)

In the rumpled linen of our bed

Lies the smell of our bodies

The warmth of sleep and the now dissipating energies of our lovemaking

Quick to rise now the day has begun, chores to be done

Her small lissom frame, coming out of the sheets, greets the cooler air

Creating goose bumps about her flesh, extended nipples

Swiftly wrapping her gown about her she goes to her toilette

To prepare for what is to come,

I meanwhile, still resting upon the pillows

Deliberate in my way

Taking in the place we have just been

And where we go to from here

The essence of her clinging to my breath

And in my blood

Grounding an assurance,

If only that were now

Poem written April 2015. Photo: a tree in  Tinonee, NSW

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