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The uncertain world of hope

Could you turn down please

Your smile and full eyes that tease

Are the only world

I make in me

When your glowing defies

My lightness to live in gravity

And your brown skin ignites my white

There is nothing to pretend

It is you I am reaching into

To push back to a freer life

Where if only creates this dream

I am the breath in your parting lips

How the deal then that kiss would be

Somewhere between

Immersion and unreality,

But here the rejecting

The self-delusory road correcting

Slow accepting

What cannot

Those impossibilities so well known

Always, always just want to disown

But then I look again

And you are there 

Your dark eyes and full smile

That please

That ever please

Photo, Sintra, Portugal, October 2015. Poem written October 2017 from an idea when listening to The World Is Ours by Tokimonsta, and thinking of someone's eyes and smile, attraction and differences, and why we can't or don't.

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