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Life without you

The puzzled look on your face only tells me you have depth

is that what I am to explore snuggled into your bones and flesh

what reading do you make of my words

will you know me like I don’t know you

with which hand will you open me, will it be both

plunging inside, what is the outcome

does the morning roll around alone

on its own like always

even the sky has companions

I’ll anchor your beauty and give you the reason when you scream at the sky

to never leave me alone

my nature, ha

solitude and passion fighting like siblings

imagination, another description of peril

for what there could be, be joyous for what there is,


they looked deeply into each other’s eyes, into their souls

and holding hands went upon their path

until all there was, was a golden light,


love knows no regrets, some may say

but life is not life without love


Words written 22/12/22, first main part inspired from looking at photo of Colm Toibin. Music: Blonde Redhead "Where your mind wants to go" and "Golden Light". Photo of me looking at Daniel Boyd work in NSW Art Gallery.

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