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What I like

what do I like

winter sun

a cup of tea

toasted sandwiches

relaxing on the porch or under a tree

a book by Bowen or Trevor

watching early Poirot

with Hastings and Miss Lemon

the way your eyes smile during and after

being huddled

by a fire

with you

walking the dogs along the beach at manning point

the distance between leafless branches

early spring flowers

the autumn fall


the way the light dances and makes surfaces glow

the chill off the snow

a cooling breeze on my face on a warm afternoon

the sun on my neck


the sublimity of thought


and the everlasting and honesty

of hopes and dreams

memories that are memorable


a perfect action

the soundlessness of sleeping

the noise of silence

Nick Cave singing I love you without measure

kissing your mouth

the music of your breathing



when we are together

how you make me feel


always you

Poem written August 2013, slightly revised remembering May 2018, listening to Chet Baker 'Évery time we say goodbye'.

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