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You come through
I am receiving
It commences
Such impossibilities being possible
A secretive cult
All I see is your smile
Am I obsessing
Painting you is no simplicity
This could be
If synchronicity…

Why is it so difficult
My heart drags my head into it
Shatters like glass, shards splintering my tongue
Is this pleasurable
How am I to make sense of this
If only you could see you inside of me
And the past stopped and the nerves relaxed
Embraced the sensations
This could be

Omens open promisingly
Some small steps like a child first walking
I am a baby thinking of love
Thinking of futures when now isn’t here yet
All I see is your smile
Into it I cradle my desire
This could be
If you
If you
If I 

Molecules Bio

Words February 2020 inspiration listening to Bjork (Pagan poetry; Its not up to you; and others).

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