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The couple

As autumn comes

And leaves colour and fall

Some trees denude

And nature

Shows lines of beauty in their bare branches

And love ever in the heart

Whatever her season


He wore a brown and black check Zegna jacket, Prada shirt

And chinos

His dark hair tousled

An amiable, wisdom seeking spirit

An optimist

At home in solitude or in the throng




Deneuve like

But something Hepburn too


In Chanel

A charming impish smile

And a giving soul



His muse

And he her Eros


They strolled hand in hand at arms length

Carefree of any captive audience

Eyes only for themselves 

And each other

This was their style

And pose

A poised pair

Not affected, just aware

Going about their life

A loving young couple in central park New York

Poem written July 2015, inspiration from an ad seen many years before in a magazine.

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