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Across the divide

The human condition

Takes shape within


The giving and receiving of love

Intensified by environment and born proclivities

Naturally sensual




Can we go without it


I am shivering in my want of you

Until the warmth of your body finds me

And releases this torture from my soul

What other will I know

But the soft touch of your eyes

The caress of your hands

The sensitivity of your mouth

Your creative mind

The smooth surface of your skin

Enveloping me into you,

Rooted to the earth we

Plant a life

I am warm now

You have come

Descended we ascend

Bring certainty to our gift

And give what is ours

So that we can be, are

An epitome of love’s heart

Poem written April 2021 inspired by Richard Skelton's Threads across the river and the accompanying video on youtube by dolfijnmetans, Heinali's Sway, sway, and Truth Is by Sabrina Claudio.  Photo of Zhao Junli at Amanfayun from Harpers Bazaar's Double Happiness: The Season's Luckiest Wedding Gowns - In China's Most Heavenly Setting.

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