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On the river Li

floating down the Li on a bamboo raft

her hair in a chignon

a parasol in one hand to avert the sun from disturbing the delicate beauty of her face

clothed in a silken hanfu her lithe body relaxes as she turns to the view of cormorants diving from the shore as if into her eyes

they though await he to come to her

her betrothed

this their journey to their destiny in Yangshuo

his smile distracts her

his presence she felt before it aroused

the flow from image to reality

now her heart beats in that moment only venus knows

a lot older than her it was his wisdom and maturity she sought

and his love

that magic potion they share in abundance and give freely to each other

and for him her innocence and intelligence, her youthful capacity for life, the very shape of her

he sits alongside her taking her hand in his

and as if their mouths had never left each other he places his upon hers

this reverie may it ever last

past the karst mountains they sail

what adventures await

Words written September 2021 for Yue.  Music - Liu Boxin Whenever

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