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29 July 2019

Very much a July day in this southern wintry clime

Sepia tones of brown and grey suggest, sentimentally,

A mood of intimacy, of reminiscences ethereal and fey

Begetting a nostalgia, a dreamy languor;

Into this repose, a breath departs, trespasses into the still air

Its place in this scheme of things accentuates the sound of birds chattering in the tree tops 

Their trilling oscillating like a child’s swing in wild play

Break and echo the outward silence, the inner perspective

The pastel sky studded with slow flying cumulus

Offering diversions and sympathies

While Nils and Olafur tell a life story to my ears

I perhaps comatose in my eyes and mind's meanderings

Struck by the otherwise absence

That ticking that could go with mine

Then a soothing

When thinking of warm sand and gently rolling waves

The latter bringing a cooling freshness to my lungs

Returning me to where I am

Words written 29 July 2019 and revised a few days after. Inspired by the day and 'Life Story' by Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds.

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