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A Piscean Dream

You're not


Claire Bloom's face


The air surrounding

You could be


Your misgivings

Crossing borders

Is not for ungodlike creatures

The smell of dusty roads

Of summers long past

Comes with

The heat of

A haunted heart


The habit

Too tempting for fools

What treasures

Would you die for


You're not


The siren has sung 

Her last song

Time lessening

In the upturned hallow

You would do well

To leave now

Knives are sharpening

Across your bow

Nothing can hold back

The inevitable how

No final kisses

This drama is over

Let the fishes swim


Written December 2018 revised January 2019, inspired by the upload on YouTube by JasonInTheZoo of Massive Attack's Black Milk with video excerpts from the movie The Spy Who Came In From The Cold starring Richard Burton and Claire Bloom.

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