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"I got that feeling

That bad feeling

That you don't know"

I don't want that

Not for us

Will you trust me then

To give your perfect love

A place to call home

In the knowing we may not be 

Our ages so very different

The qualities and experiences

That make us who we are

Though our hearts blend when we touch

Can you hold that momentousness

Comes into your eyes

Maybe once a lifetime

And shines like the brightest light upon your lips

The depths of this passion

We feel instantly

And into are growing

Somehow to sustain

For always and.....

In the rocky road of our landscapes

We will make there a comfort

So stones will be our friend

And not cover us with bruises

But be the place upon which we stand unequalled

Looking out upon the oceans 

Looking up into the stars

They in our souls

Always glowing

Ever being

This our love

Words written December 2020. Quoted lines from Massive Attack's The Spoils, but words came while listening to Nick Cave sing Leonard Cohen's Suzanne.

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