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You balance upon your eyelids

A moue, a frown

Anywhere to drown

A liberated symphony

Sympathy for

Heartbreak and desperate

Journeys into the soul


Come connected

Your words to speak

From where the emotion lives

And gives what we feel and know

The pain and the smiles

Our eyes show


Circles now form

Under the undertow

Movement becomes definite and slow

And you had to go

And you had to go


Return is a suffering

The memory creates

In every look

You take

From my tongue

And the blood we spilled

Was our love death


And I had to go

And I had to go

Words: written June 2020. 

Music: PJ Harvey "The  river".  

Images: Is Love from Wix; photo of Monet's garden taken 2018.


Love Projector Portrait
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