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Our weekend

wagtails warbling in the green of her lawn

so you like my smell

sun sitting high over a cool verandah

and I your skin

that silky soft covering you inhabit

your eyes that sing

mouthing what your lips say without words

creating whirlwinds in my heart

that love some would like to potion

but it is only for us

my fence your landmark

that pulsing sensation

we move between doors

perceiving, discovering

and we give of it

for our sharing

for you to dream in

and shake the oceans

to know that which we do

our way our path

honesty our flower

your garden where I nurture

bring the cosmos alive

and neo always has to have her say

tapping on the window

chasing feathers

as we chase rainbows and caress

that which is invisible

that which dwells within us

is us

Poem written September 2012. For P, for what was.

Music Emiliana Torrini 'Bleeder', Feist 'Baby be simple'. Photo: Buffy and Neo at Watui Falls, January 2012.

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