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oh my my

if I could be

that tear on your cheek

and forgive for all humankind

the spear in your side

why do I do things I don’t mean to do

when all I want to do is to love you

this affirmation

our touching

one heartbeat from

all that came before, all that is to be

is there more to do

will you surrender now

roll back the stone

our bones are broken

our eyes wet

in the misty field beyond that hill

where eternity seeks

where wisdom waits

truth to undress

beyond our hands

tell me your secrets

show me how to feel

just wanting now

you to release me too

Words written July 2021 at the time of the Aquarius full moon. "'Til the moon tells me otherwise" from Pushin' the wind by Kelsey Lu. Music, that song, Atlantic, and Morning Dew all by Kelsey Lu. Second photo from article in SMH with photos of first snow fall Winter 2021, near Oberon.

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