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picnic at Elands


she sat there, at ease

in her comfort, serene

her smile would warm the bleakest sky

her eyes inviting, enquiring

unfolding into mine

making memories


I am unaccustomed to such reverie

as she may be

our coming together overcomes

leads us to a naturalness

an affinity, where we are now

but something surreal too

surrounds us

this place

a magic tranquility

an evocation

and an adventure


here we can be as we want

our love requited, uncomplicated

free of conditions and what went before, pure

like the water falling over the rocks and stones near where we sit

cascading, immersing and rising

the intensity of it

strong as this bond we feel

deep as our meaning and our truth

trusted in our hands, in our caress

to be ours

this day and beyond

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