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In a blue room

Nudity surmises a fidelity of truth

My eyes cannot control that

My mind can only scribe

The photo seems untouched

A young adult, nude, her breasts carving the firmness of her posture

A translucent sheen upon the flesh tight about her bones

Accentuated by the blue light of the room

Her red mouth accuses, dares an approach

The look in her eyes and upon her face kills any thought of intimacy

But suggests provocation, or disdain, and


There is something about this theatre

The nakedness and setting aside

A mocking of what it is or the viewer

Drawn in by lust and the aesthetic of beauty

Is all it can be

Life requires sacrifice for living

That is all the giving she allows

For such dispositions to possess

Words October 2020. Photo from Tumblr of Kaori Endo, former model of Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, see her story at

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