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Is it morning yet

I felt myself saying

even though the dark has fallen

my eyes still not closed

I could see it opening

that giant chasm 

and it kept calling

in birds voices

outside my window

and inside my head

I heard them singing

before i could breathe

and out of this darkness

my heart still running

oh is it please

to your eyes drumming

and the sound

it never got louder

and it never got quieter

it just kept on

repeating this same behaviour

this same

is it intention

to find love

and die in it

and is it morning yet

can i sleep now

can i sleep now

can i sleep

forever with you

Lying in bed, heart irregular, broken up, tired, no sleep coming, let her go, noisy birds at night??? Listening to some radiohead at the basement, where I'm heading, if the eyes will shut. If will come. This mess were in, I'm in. Does she. Serenity is her. Peace. Collapse.immerse. All quiet among the noise. Am i breathing while sleeping?

Words written November 2021. Music: This mess were in by PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke and All I Need by Radiohead.   Photo from Unsplash

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