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An accidental love

What if I die without knowing your carnal beauty

Will my soul stay impoverished 

Or find solace elsewhere

Do you think afterlife is lonely

Can it be as lonely as this

When you are in another room, another country, another world

Your lips taste nicer without lipstick on them

Why do I know that, but I know

You have the most perfect ears

Your toes curl when I come near

Your face becomes so full when you happy smile

Like the moon yeah you are named after

Such a bright star

A bright light in the dark night sky

A bright light shining into my heart

Tomorrow your wishes I carry in my eyes

The day after

Will it be like this again

If every day were you

Sure you can sleep on the left side of our bed

And sure I'd make you breakfast

And I'd eat it with you

And then I'd eat you

Again and again

Can we have more days like this


When we are not lonely

But side by side

Watching movies, holding hands, kissing, singing our songs



To one another

20211226_161137 (002).jpg

Xmas 2021 for Y, photo of her. Music: Radiohead (from the basement) Staircase, Lotus Flower, If you say the word; Damien Rice Accidental babies, Look at me; Sarah Kinsley I'm not a mountain.

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