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Passion play

You look through

A darker lens

What is your conquest

For this passion 

You make mischief

Or some folly

Who can hold the truth to you

It is inescapable

But you play on

The cares are no concern

The heart governs with a fist

This is hard to contemplate

No hurt will come of it

Your trinkets discoloured

The sins of the father

It is inescapable

Can you win in the end

Is this your sovereign voice

How you see yourself

Want to be seen

No image can matter

Appearances can shatter

And the darkness takes hold

Withers the light

Frees you to flight

An apogee

It is inescapable 


This ode to Lilith, the Black Moon, written March 2020 while listening to Bjork's song Pagan Poetry

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