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Foreign intoxications

we sit in lotus

our noses nude to the breeze

flowing over the lashes of our eyes

down to chanting mouths

droning in the sunrise of morning’s quest

reaching back into the dark

from where came all this

and you surround yourself with

noise quiet space levity

calamities all fall upon your head

only your head

where to now

universal suffering

or personal liberty

can you

ever be free

looking within to this revolution

a resolution never lived

all abandoned

and the dance resumes

one foot then the other

torso flailing

while hands discover

explanations to your dreams

have you sought it

the thought you fought to lose


invisible mumblings

pithy and exotic

if the knowledge was

on the tip of your

could you

would you

then surrender

stop this running away from

the only place you are


Words written November 2021. Music: Daydreaming, Lotus flower, Just say the word all by Radiohead.   Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash

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