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Comes the coda

From eden

Where we

All mysteries and fascination

Like through a god's eye

Before remnants arise

How do you trust

To survive,

Comes the coda

The strings sing

Head bowed

The walk begins

Shoulders broad

Collarbones point a straight line to the exit

Her elegant sway

It’s impossible to say the expedition could find 

The notes to delay the ending

I know no more than that,

A fine wine reminds of another time

When smiles were freer

And love kept the dance alive

It was my choice

For destiny to decide

The church where we died,

Her silken voice

Hands that talk

This is no dream

No easy exploration

It is just

Another ship on a rolling sea

That must have a stop


Words written October 2019 inspired by Noeme Wolfs and Hooverphonic with orchestra performing Expedition Impossible at Koningin in 2012 and something a friend said reminding of another time. Photo taken in Florence 2018.

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