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For Suzanne Joinson

words that pull upon the heart

are what she writes

open to the breath

to take in and meditate upon

reflect this great journey and the learning it brings

each encounter a dance of souls

to hold close or let go

a map to read

a compass to lead

to form into that which is

what it is to be

the sadness, the joys

giving and receiving

and then on again

through what is brought, what comes up

until face to face

with the beloved you will not leave

but take with you

in the ever moments of your truth

to find

the place

where we end is where we start

in the great surrounding womb

the great freedom

hand in hand

Poem written 26 December 2016 inspired by these words in A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar by Suzanne Joinson 2012 "that face that is only for me to read and know, beloved: the other side of your carefully constructed life, the other side of the map: an opposite - yes, I love you that far. That long."

Photo from Portugal.

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