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Of subject unknown

But it shall come to me

No mystery

Or surprise 

To tell

Simply the only desire

Of this world

Since I held you

Kind and tenderly

It was us

Wasn’t it

That desperate love

Took us

Shook us

Was all we knew

Was our everything

Then all that will

Finds its way into

And we

Fall apart

All we held


From our heart

And nothing we gave

Nothing we did

Could dissuade

What befell

And though we tried

The end

Was foreseen

Before we

Looked upon

The kingdom

That would come

And grace us

With beauty and truth

And with no help

But our own resolve

We had it

Didn’t we

And now

All is gone

Only an emptiness

And memory

To keep this blood

From spilling

Upon the raw love

We set free

Words: written June 2020. Music: PJ Harvey "The desperate kingdom of love" and "The darker days of me and him". Photo of rose "The Knight", image of the kingdom of heaven from Wix.


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