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I love

your mouth

your lips that shape the contour of it

the way your eyes are

while and after

how you

hold me into you


fingers stretched taut gliding along my stomach

just the right pressure


that which is to come

and in between there is

your breath on mine

close and giving

all that living

our beings do

in passionate embrace

my hands cup your face

defining time and space

a world there

many of them


exploding into infinities

becoming again

energy and light,

I nest my nose into your nape

and along to your shoulder

rest there

take in your scent

run my mouth

over those tiny little hairs

down your spine

and around

to that place of romance

where I worship

where your rose blooms

open to my touch

as in heaven

so it is below,


I am like chinese rockets in a ferny glade

you the sun shining through

giving life to my warming blade

we surrender into our everything

how I love you

and love you

and love you


Words written November 2012. Photo of Ligularia (Chinese rockets) in a ferny glade.

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