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The soul gives

from the beginnings of the quietest moment (we meet)

a bow gently glides across a viola (my fingers touch your lips)

a murmur of a sound commences (sighs escape your heart)

builds into the longer story being told (our love)

the sensuousness of timbre and eloquence (we are as one)

unfolds a majesty like a nerve sprung

suddenly to life

a distance moved upon

an emerging

for time immortal

emotional and physical

the arisen song


and so you grace my eyes

a beauty so compelling

the next breath I give

every breath I make is

towards being with you


there is no destiny we cannot hold

no poetry cannot be told

our bravery will know

the soul gives

Poem written October 2021. Inspired by The Storyteller's Music by Anoice. Photo of Yue.

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