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Did you give me the smile in your eyes for a reason

Or from the empathy in your heart

Friendliness is a blessing

Did you know that too

Not come to conquer nor surrender

But bring equality to this acceptance

As we born of that understanding perceive

Love grows from foundations not needed to be known

Can then cherish in this giving and receiving 

Of what springs from the soul


The vibe echoes in the transference

Sensing something to be lived

Then the rising up

Like rockets exploding in the sky

And from the interplay of words and actions

A finding that of all the desiring

A mature nature may not make

A blossom to be kissed

But of it all karma shall out and have the final say

In this wonder we enclose within ourselves

Words written October 2021. Photo of Chester from some years ago.  

Music: Forgotten Carousel by Yuki Murata.

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