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The explorer


I'd like to go exploring

to see where I could be

find exciting discoveries

make memories out of these


an adventure could take me anywhere

like into you or under a tree

I could read a book

or kiss you on your ears and toes

and everywhere in-between


I could march off with the lads

on the road to glory

be a hero or a clown or someone else equally profound

or I could surround you with rose petals

and write love poetry over your naked flesh with my mouth

I could search for shells on a long sandy beach and chase seagulls

or catch yabbies in a creek

or I could reach for those shooting stars in your eyes


but at the end of all this exploring

there is only one place to be

having a cuppa and a chat

just you and me

Yours truly aged about 7 or 8 at Hilltop, Jugiong

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