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A coming home

You were never there

Nor do words run that deep

And though you threw some stones

I was out of reach

The shapes you brought

Then soon fell away

But anyhow that was yesterday

So tell me something I don’t know

Tell me something of use

And don’t keep it camouflaged

In your well-meaning mind

It’s not like we have all this time

To undo all is done

For what becomes then

Gone again into that it was

Yielded up in momentary breath

Leave it now

Washed up on some far shore

With what is here

Let the spirit lead

Grant there is more

Give me some heart for what I am worth

I walk too this uneven path

So bring your stories back to me

So I can fuse into this coming home

This foretelling, this known

All that we are

When we are free

Poem written December 2016. Photo from Ireland. Inspiration - Lilium "Sense and Grief". 

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