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The actor

Sees his life 

Reflected in

The fading sheen of the varnished dust covered floor

Bits of skin and other debris

Strewn,  like the lovers he once knew

Sins of weak flesh and an ill-disciplined mind  

The curios of a haphazard, yet addictive, nature

And like narcissus’ pool, it lures him in

The actor, observing, mimicking,


And from this introspective swoon

He emerges, sans regard

An embryo of a smile sets his face 

Puts a look of hunger in his eyes

For what comes next

Another addition to the complications of breathing

And making conversation

Just to get to there 

Where she is

Poem written August 2017 inspired by Lillium's 'Lily Pool" and Jonathon Cake's portrayal of Dr Christow in Agatha Christie's 'The Hollow", and Dustin O'Halloran's Opus #18. 

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