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If I were to give you my heart

will you be there

do you care

will you fold me up in your arms

make me soar

like the wildest dreams

will you warm my toes on the coldest morning

let me snuggle under your nose

will you listen to my plights

patch my needs and slay all kinds of uncertainty

will you keep me only yours

and never go,

will we


hold our breath

for that immeasurable moment

between our lips

lingering there

knowing it as it is

and draw open the door

let rush our aching flesh to the finest pleasures

make our love

ours forever

and never die desiring

can we hold tight to those momentous moments

no matter what shakes us

and define ourselves

by this love

can we have it all

and not fall to dissension or complacency

can we be one as our hearts intend

or is this too much to wish

What came to me here was an actor on stage giving a soliloquoy or a Romeo to a Juliet. The poem was written in 2010. This photo: Cong Abbey, next photo: nature presenting her "theatre"; both Ireland 2011.
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