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On a distant beach

waves gently lap

a zephyr calmly stirs the still air of a cloudless sky


she lays

face down upon the pristine sand          

her dark hair loose and wild

kissing her nape

a freckled well shaped shoulder

accentuates her small slender frame

the sunshine glistening off it

beginning to bronze her skin


there, in contemplation

she muses o’er circumstances

moving between then and now

thinking of all that is gone and what may be to come

questioning life with her wisdom and her innocence


she half sits

leans upon an elbow

and runs her fingers through the grain

her eyes gaze wonderingly

her lips wide and warm

define her giving mouth


a breath hangs

pregnant with what lies beyond


in her thoughts and heart run many themes

captured now and tossed to the sea and sky

to fall into hopeful meaning

to take her there

where he awaits

his love

hers forever

if she chances to take it

Photo at Black Head. Poem written 2010 revised 2015

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