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Hugged to the rugged coastline

near where shipwrecks lay strewn

she stands upon the beach-head

wind ravaged hair curled wild about her face

her dark eyes staring out to constellations

unfurling beyond touching within

here for that moment is truth

locked secure in the winter warmth of her heart-blood

cold to the touch save too close

defying stoical sovereign allowing

no tempest to trespass gain ascendency

and bring ruin again to the sunniest days

those past gone to that watery grave she looks out upon

but they come again

again and yet again

and the sea will have her

will it not

as one in her wave

upon wave upon infinite wave

washing inexorably to her shoreline

washing over her armour and battalions

taking back

taking ever back

to come again

and yet again

and again

until drowned in that place

there is nothing left

only memory adrift upon her waves

upon her way

to some place else

Photo:The Atlantic, Ireland 2011. Poem written 2010

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