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On Jeju Island

It is fragile

This sweet trust

Our vulnerabilities display 

We talk in absolutes

Like miracles are our everyday

Are we too removed or

Perhaps there is wisdom in us

The way we go about our connection

Letting our hearts have their release

Our sensual language

Sometimes erotic, ever allusive

Visually stunning in our imaginations

We romp about, naked like new borns

Or partakers in a satyr's garden

If only...

On Jeju Island your long legs know

Pointing forward

One foot then the other

The rest of you follows

I am holding out my arms

Hands reaching towards

Our world

There is peace there, serenity

We watch the sunset on a firelit ocean 

Our breath in unison with the tide

Calm and natural

There is no other place to be


Words written January 2021 inspired by the writing of Marilynne Robinson in her book Jack, and the photo of Yan on Jeju Island at the Pocheon Art Valley. Music, Kumoito by Films. 

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