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Be or gone

Burns, this restless breath inside of me

Impatient to know, though not wanting to

Will if the truth is 

Ever the closeness of your smile

Your mouth closer until

Touching leads us to that oneness so often not come to

And the flowers will bloom, screaming out your name

And your blue flame will be in my hands

Then our eyes will have their peace

Can the flame be known before it is touched

Will the ifs just destroy before we can find

Is it too much to wish, or is illusion my blind

Are you willing or smothered in fear

Can you hear my heart calling to bring you near

Feels like too long this now

Can it keep going otherwise

Wait for another day

Be freer then

Or gone

And we walk away

The death of love


How could it be seen that the end would come

so quickly what was between them diminish

unity and wonderment gone completely

into a vast space un-occupiable by the headiness of the past

only words of commonality there now

functioning niceties, the comings and goings of everyday things

no more the passionate vibrancy between their mouths and eyes

the contagion of their flesh that at one look melded intimacy to the heart and bone

there now an icy distance commands

summoning up the barrenness of wintry sighs, the desolation of woe

and the slowness of these days revels in that melancholy

bringing further down the closing

and when it comes

how will they know of it

will it be this or something more disastrous

if such a thing there be

for the loss of that oneness

there can be nothing so extreme

but the death of love it is

A long drive


Feels like a long drive on a slow morning

A sense of stillness adrift on the dusty summery air

The rising sun lighting from shadow distant desert hills coming into view

Their shapes in all sorts distort the common few

Extend a dissonance of any similarity between the end and start

In my ears a quiet guitar strumming to the sound of my woken heart

Blood is running but taking time to warm

Making the idling engine of this car seem just a part of me on this journey to wherever this road leads

And though forever can be deceptively short whenever I retreat

Time now is a friend in my pocket where I keep memories in case they’re needed

So god speed my black emperor

This could be a long haul

Tracks all the way into where it goes real deep

And I'm salvaging any day now one of those for her I'm yet to meet

Going to be that fine time when a smile lights my mouth

And if I find that truth before sunset this will be no wasteland

Just the wanted place to be

I'll let my eyes rest there

In a peace

A serenity 

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