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The possibility of you

No pastel or brown Rodolfo said

So I'll put my pink out in the sun til turn a burnished red

If will uncomplicate a complicated dream

How else could survive this nascent desire

You sparkle with diamonds from your eyes in my direction

I am aching now for completion

But this chance you won't take

Can another time be certain

I'm unsure that will happen

So into the sunset like a fading light

The darker universe creeps into my heart

Spills of its colour

But I still see

Out the corner an alternative

Your smile won't leave me

And I lie there 

A love wanting

The possibility of you

Words came while listening to This mess were in by Thom Yorke and PJ Harvey early April 2022. First line a reference to what Rodolfo said to Paolo in the House of Gucci movie. The rest relates to A. Caught up in a dream by Sarah Kinsley
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