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More Candy

Slow diving

For pearls

See me looking I look away

Long dark hair

Neck like a swan

The shimmering eyes

Lips slightly parted

I run

Ships sunk in the night

A desperate religion

I have to confess

These demons won't rest

Living in slow motion

Above the border

Destitute and repossessed

Wary of the next step 

No chance to be blessed


And I could be wrong

Multitudes might know

That future toss

But until

Standing still becomes

The emblem of my heart

The join where it all starts

And love departs

Candy #1

Wounds in your eyes

Appear surreal

Warmer tears shall reveal

Windows open to a view

Don't burn completely

Your face may be unrecognisable

Then the sculptor would despair

Of what would become 

Of all those wondrous charms

Where would go their desire

Who would light that fire

If into the pyre you climb

Time after time 

Like a volcano

On a beach

By the ocean

Hair cascading down

Confides in your silhouette

The ripeness of dreams

Where venus kisses the moon

An effigy was lit

And screamed out your name

But the sweetness went up in flames

Because I could not hold it

So was the theory

Of my shaking hands

Candy #3

Like thunder preceding a lightning strike

The discharge of cannons could be heard

Before her mouth found mine

I died from the first shot

Those warm wet lips left no uncertainty

Into my outstretched arms her body fell

Disrobed by my hands and hers

And there in no other land

Could anything touch

But welcome the desiring 

Our hearts pounding like waves rushing to the shore

To retreat and return again

Soaked in the giving of our love

And so the night took us

And sent dreams and sleep

To accompany our wonder

As we lay complete

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