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I could look into your deep dark pools all day

But know I must not

That ethical faith in which we trust

Defies the centre of the universe to touch

So I bite down on the tongue of wisdom

Stop my heart from biting me

Search elsewhere 

Create something

A storm, a lullaby

While away time in idle reverie or climb high mountains

Anything but face to face

Where your warm energy I would fold into

Take that liberty

And would you smile

Join me where I want to be

Allow me to give what I want to receive

So at that crossroads I choose the other 

But over my shoulder

You breathe 

That life in you

That fire

It smoulders in me

Don't encourage it

I may do what I want

That resplendent passion lived 

A place of no return 

20181103_163645 (1).jpg

Poem written November 2018 

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