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For MT. Poem written November 2017. Partly inspired by Tokimonsta's Early To Dawn.

Like a taboo

Show me where the light sings

Sentient but still

There in the shrill silence of your voice

Can you hear the tears fall

Echo loudly as they wrawl

Back into that dark

Where you put it out

Where you cruel it so

Or I do in my illusory self

And life does in its insistent game

There is no assuaging this fate

Unless we chance what desire gives us


I want to flight in your serious touch

Feel the exhalation from your mouth

Be the warm that surrounds your wave

Dive into your place of sighs

Can we take this another high

No come down if we save

All moments that make this real

And take the chance desire brings us

Be the love only our hearts can know


Burns, this restless breath inside 

Like a taboo

Impatient to know, though not wanting to

Will if the truth is said

No more the closeness of your smile

Or your mouth closer until

Touching leads us to that oneness so often not come to

And the flowers will bloom, screaming out your name

And your blue flame will be in my hands

Then our eyes will have their peace


Can the flame be known before it is touched

Will the ifs just destroy before we can find

Is it too much to wish, or is delusion my blind

Are you willing or smothered in fear

Can you hear my heart calling to bring you near


Too long a time this now

Can it keep going otherwise

Wait for another day

Be freer then

Or gone

And we walk away

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